Who We Are

UES or “Universal Emergency Services” is role play community based on FiveM, the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. UES is one of the most experienced and successful role-playing communities, dedicated to providing some of the best training and experiences available in an online role-play community. We follow the ranks, structure and conduct of many law enforcement agencies in the United States, using real world laws and tactics while patrolling the streets of Los Santos.


Universal Emergency Services Mission and Vision

It is the mission of UES Roleplay to educate youth and adults on law enforcement and to provide persons around the world a foundation for professional, organized, and sophisticated roleplay.

It is the vision of UES to remain one of the largest, most experienced, most successful and most enjoyable role-playing communities to be a part of. 


Core Values of Universal Emergency Services

All members of UES pledge to infuse our core values in every aspect of our community, in and out of role-play. Our four (4) core values are:

 Integrity - We pledge to maintain a strong sense of honesty, morality, goodness and ethical character.

 Honesty - We pledge to be truthful, sincere, upright and decent.

 Honor - We pledge to have esteem and respect for our members as well as the other communities in GTA Online, visitors and partners of our community.

 Character - We pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards and honorable personal qualities, serving as role models for each other and other role-play communities.