Who We Are

UES or “Universal Emergency Services” is a role play community based on the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V. UES is one of the most experienced and successful role-playing communities, dedicated to providing some of the best training and experiences available in an online role play community. We follow the ranks, structure and conduct of many law enforcement agencies in the United States, using real world laws and tactics while patrolling the streets of Los Santos.


Universal Emergency Services Mission and Vision

The mission of Universal Emergency Services is to provide a safe, friendly, realistic and well organized role-play environment for any individual interested in a career in emergency services or for those who simply enjoy the thrill of role-playing.

It is the vision of UES to remain one of the largest, most experienced, most successful and most enjoyable role-playing communities to be a part of. 


Core Values of Universal Emergency Services

All members of UES pledge to infuse our core values in every aspect of our community, in and out of role-play. Our four (4) core values are:

 Integrity - We pledge to maintain a strong sense of honesty, morality, goodness and ethical character.

 Honesty - We pledge to be truthful, sincere, upright and decent.

 Honor - We pledge to have esteem and respect for our members as well as the other communities in GTA Online, visitors and partners of our community.

 Character - We pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards and honorable personal qualities, serving as role models for each other and other role-play communities.

Our History

Formally known as Liberty City Special Victims Unit, Universal Emergency Services was founded on December 16th, 2009, by Wronger14UES and Kodachrome Wolf. The department began like any normal "kids trying to play cops and robbers" clan. Training lasted thirty minutes at the most and the ten codes fit on a sticky note. Current Chief of UES, A Drunk Tree, joined only a few days later.

After a few roleplays, more commonly referred to as patrols, it was decided that LCSVU needed to be restructured and some form of chain of command needed to be made. A Drunk Tree, Kodachrome Wolf, and Wronger14UES all became equal in rank and assumed the title "Commissioner". LCSVU was small at the time, so having a chain of command was not possible. The department had a "leaders and members" command style for awhile. Unfortunately, Wronger14UES wouldn't be able to participate for much longer as he was unable to get onto Xbox living for personal reasons.

The department continued to operate in Wrongers absence. After a year or so of playing, it was decided that the chain of command needed to be updated. Wronger, even though absent, was promoted to "Chief Commissioner" considering he was the original founder but still had contact with A Drunk Tree and Kodachrome Wolf, and A Drunk Tree and Kodachrome Wolf remained Commissioners. Like any other organization, it is difficult to operate with multiple people at the same rank. Having this sort of setup made room for a lot of disagreement and debate on department policies. A Drunk Tree then contacted Wronger and asked for a promotion to "Chief Commissioner".

The administration eventually decided that there could possibly, one day, be a Grand Theft Auto V. This was in 2010. The administration wanted a name that could remain for future GTA titles and wouldn't have to be changed because of the location of the game. Many different names were proposed and after a clan wide vote, it was decided that the name of LCSVU would be changed to Universal Emergency Services.

Eventually UES moved towards a new website. This website offered a bold new approach for the department. A lot of changes were made to UES because of this website. Here we saw the application make its first appearance and many other things get updated. The chain of command and code list was by far the most effected. At one point, UES had twenty-two ranks and over 280 different police radio codes. Luckily, UES now has only six different ranks and 100 codes. This website also brought on the department motto which was "Always Moving Forwards" but is now "Striving for Excellence".

At the beginning of 2013 Wronger was able to come back and begin patrolling once again. Considering his leave of absence, it was decided that A Drunk Tree would become the sole Chief of Universal Emergency Services. Wronger was for the decision but unfortunately has gone inactive once again.

UES has been operating for a long time. We have seen our fair share of proud moments and not so proud moments. Universal Emergency Services started out as a freemode based cops and robbers clan with leaders who had little knowledge about operating a clan and has developed into a professional, realism based, roleplay organization.

- - -

Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with a real law enforcement agency or Rockstar Games. Whilst we have many members who are actual first responders, law enforcement officers, and other public services, we are a community that is open to everyone who is mature, ready to learn and meets our recruitment requirements.