UES Development Team

Universal Emergency Services Development Team has the responsibility of developing our community into something better than it already is. The development team is responsible for maintaining our website, establishing and sustaining community relations, as well as other aspects to UES' development.


Graphics Developer

UES Graphic Developers have responsibility of developing graphics for the following: YouTube banners, website banners, website logos, individual persons, and any other requested item. Graphic developers must be able to complete graphics upon request and before deadlines from the appropriate staff.


UES Videographers and Video Editors have the responsibility of recording, editing, and submitting UES community events. UES Videographers also have the responsibility of developing other UES video related material such as promotional videos, YouTube intros, and any other item requested of them

Public Relation Officer

UES Public Relation Officers have the responsibility of establishing, developing, and sustaining UES partnerships with other emergency service based role-play organizations. Public relation officers must exhibit extreme knowledge of UES.