UES Recruitment Team

Universal Emergency Services Recruitment Team play a very essential and important role for UES. Recruitment staff are responsible for insuring that we continue to recruit qualified and professional individuals to be a part of our organization. Recruitment staff have many positions to hold, all of which have their own set of responsibilities. If you are interested in joining Universal Emergency Services refer to the "Recruitment" tab and thoroughly read through all of the information provided.



Recruitment Team Manager

The Recruitment Team Manager has the responsibility of assisting the Director of Human Resources with any needs or responsibilities assigned. The Recruitment Team Manager will attend the oral assessment and will proceed to provide feedback to the Director of Human Resources at the conclusion of each assessment. Recruitment Team Managers  are held to the same standards as any other member but will have the responsibility of helping the director in any way needed.


Application Reviewal Team

The Application Reviewal Team  has the responsibility of looking over and either declining or approving the applications submitted by persons looking to join Universal Emergency Services. The Application Reviewal Team will have access to the applications submitted through the recruitment email. Once applications have been received by the team, the team will proceed to follow strict and specific guidelines in order to approve or decline the applicant. The Application Reviewal Team will also be taking part in the oral assessment stage of our hiring process.


Public Relations Team

The duty of the Public Relations Team is to manage and keep all social media up to date and relevant. All Public Relations personnel will obtain the ability to post, update, and communicate on all social media. Public Relations personnel will only take part in these duties but will be held to the same standards as any other Universal Emergency Personnel.


Questions, Comments, or Concerns

If you are interested in any of these positions contact a representative a UES Roleplay administrator

Thank you for your cooperation and time, the UES recruitment team looks forward to working with you.