UES Training Team

Universal Emergency Services Training Team is committed to assuring that all cadets, recruits, and sworn UES staff are trained to the highest standard possible. UES' Training Team is constantly working to assure that all the methods they teach officers are current and that officers are constantly keeping up to date with changes in law, policy, and procedure.

Positions within the Training Team

Chief Instructor

Universal Emergency Services Chief Instructors will be responsible for managing and training cadets throughout their time in the academy. Chief Instructors must have expanded knowledge on law enforcement. Chief Instructors need to be capable of answering questions that cadets may have as well as teach in topics like case law, police methods, and police procedure. This position requires patience and commitment and is only for the experienced.

T.A.C. Instructor

T.A.C. (Teach-Assess-Correct) Instructors play a crucial role for the cadet/recruit. T.A.C. Instructors are responsible for providing and acting out scenarios that cadets/recruits must go through during their interactive scenario training phase of the academy. T.A.C. Instructors are not here just to have fun but instead to enable the cadet/recruit to utilize, and be tested on, skills they have obtained during their time in the academy. T.A.C. Instructors must be creative as well as disciplined, knowing when too much is too much or too little is too little.