Los Santos Police Department

The Los Santos Police Department is Universal Emergency Services local police department. Los Santos Police Department is responsible for patrolling the area of Los Santos. The LSPD currently has over 25 employees whose responsibilities range from basic patrol functions, investigations, dispatching, and aviation. Los Santos Police Department is also referred to as local police. Local officers are to monitor their assigned area for any signs of suspicious or unlawful activity. Local officers are also to respond to any calls for service and to apprehend any criminal suspect found within his/her area of responsibility. In the course of the patrol, local officers should keep a record of any suspected criminal activity as well as any details involved during the pursuit of a criminal. Local officers are expected to assist civilians in any capacity, including roadside assistance when needed. Officers of the LSPD are held to a high professional, and integrity standard.



Blaine County Sheriffs Office

The Blaine County Sheriffs Office is the newest of police departments within Universal Emergency Services. Also referred to as county, the Blaine County Sheriffs Office is responsible for patrolling Los Santos and townships within Blaine County.The Blaine County Sheriffs Office patrols a total of 4,752 Sq. miles with deputies who are committed to uniform patrol, corrections, and aviation. Deputies may also be restricted to these court duties; such as administering the county jail, courtroom security, prisoner transport, serving warrants, and service of process or police administration. Sheriffs may also patrol outside of city/town limits or jurisdiction. In many rural areas, sheriffs and their deputies are the principal form of police. In the event that an area needs patrolling because there are no law enforcement agencies available sheriff deputies will be sent to patrol said area.