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About the Los Santos County Sheriffs Office

The Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office patrols a total of 4,752 Sq. miles with deputies who are committed to uniform patrol, corrections, criminal investigations, and aviation. Deputies may also be restricted to the following court duties; administering the county jail, courtroom security, prisoner transport, serving warrants, and service of process or police administration. Deputies may also patrol outside of city/town limits or jurisdiction. In many rural areas, sheriffs and their deputies are the principal form of police. In the event that an area needs patrolling because there are no law enforcement agencies available sheriff deputies will be sent to patrol said area. The LSCSO holds all members to the highest standard of professionalism because they deal with the most diverse range of population of any agency in UES.

Divisions Within the Los Santos County Sheriffs Office

(Some sections under development.)

Responsibilities of a Deputy

Respond to calls for service


Assist stranded motorists


Provide jail and courtroom security


Complete paperwork in a timely manner


Be fit for duty at all times


Comply with the LSCSO Policy Manual


Protect and serve citizens of Los Santos County

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Join the LSCSO

Universal Emergency Services only hires several times per year and of the hundreds of applications that are received each hiring period, only an average of 10 candidates are selected and complete UES’ Regional Law Enforcement Academy. The LSCSO offers members the unique experience of working for a department with jurisdiction throughout the state of San Andreas and a diverse range of working environments from urban centers to rural towns to the wilderness. If you are interested in joining the Los Santos County Sheriff's Office, be sure to select so on your application. The LSCSO will set you up to have a successful career in UES so long as you possess these core traits and values:

  • Commitment to Service
  • Integrity to Self and Department
  • Ability to Maintain Composure in Stressful Situations
  • Understanding
  • Ability to See Facts Clearly While Removing Personal Biases

The Los Santos County Sheriff's Office accepts individuals who believe in these core traits and values. Becoming a member of the LSCSO is no easy feat, however if you choose to accept this challenge, you will be rewarded on a daily basis knowing that you are a member of a dedicated law enforcement agency within UES, that seeks to help maintain the safety and security of all persons within Los Santos County, and the state of San Andreas.