Los Santos Police Department


Divisions of the Los Santos Police Department

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Los Santos Police Department to serve the public and promote safety by enforcing state and federal laws within the framework of the constitution and influencing change through community policing.


Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Los Santos Police Department to maintain the highest level of excellence, integrity, and service to achieve a safe environment for the citizens of Los Santos.


Goals of the LSPD

Improve the quality of life for our citizens through unimpeachable integrity, public service, training and education. Safeguard the public by assisting law enforcement, decreasing traffic fatalities and injuries and reducing crime and the fear of crime. Provide leadership through innovation as a dynamic, diverse, learning organization which promotes personal and professional growth.

LSPD Departmental Administration

Office of the Chief


Chief of Police


Open Position

Deputy Chief of Police

About the Los Santos Police Department

The Los Santos Police Department is Universal Emergency Services local police department. Los Santos Police Department is responsible for patrolling the area of Los Santos. The LSPD holds the largest number of employees whose responsibilities range from basic patrol functions, investigations, dispatching, and aviation. Local officers are to monitor their assigned area for any signs of suspicious or unlawful activity. Local officers are also to respond to any calls for service and to apprehend any criminal suspect found within his/her area of responsibility. In the course of the patrol, local officers should keep a record of any suspected criminal activity as well as any details involved during the pursuit of a criminal. Local officers are expected to assist civilians in any capacity, including roadside assistance when needed. Officers of the LSPD are held to a high professional, and integrity standard.

Ranking Structure


Deputy Chief





Patrol Officer

Prob. Patrol Officer

Tasks and Duties

Respond to 911 calls

Patrol Assigned Beats

Complete Tasks Assigned by Operational Supervisors

Report for Quarterly Meetings

Maintain County Response Time Compliance

Serve the Public with Professionalism and Confidence






LSPD Police Officers are held to the highest of expectations and are to uphold the department standards 100% of the time. We expect our officers to show outstanding customer service to the public, regardless of the task at hand. Officers are to enforce the law and protect the city of Los Santos to make it a safer community. The LSPD is one of the finest Departments in the state of San Andreas and our mission is to serve the public and promote safety by enforcing state and federal law

How to Join

Universal Emergency Services only hires four to six times a year. If you are interested in joining the LSPD, on your application, be sure to note that the agency you are interested in is the LSPD. The LSPD will set you up to have a successful career in UES as long as you show the following traits;

  • Ethical and Professional Responsibility
  • Dedication
  • Obedience
  • Attention to Detail

The LSPD is dedicated to serving the public as professional PEACE Officers. We want experienced and dedicated people to wear the uniform with pride. Wearing the uniform does not display power, but displays the want to help the public and keep the County of Los Santos, San Andreas a safe and comfortable place. The LSPD is dedicated to professionalism. We here at LSPD strive to teach and instruct our officers to be the best that they can be.