Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take before I receive my assessment scores?

Typically candidates will receive their oral assessment scores for phase two of the hiring process after one to three business days following a thorough performance review from members of the recruitment team.


Q. What does the "list references" page of the application mean?

A reference is a reinforcement, or guarantee of the candidates ability, attitude, and reliability from a trusted friend, family member, co-worker, etc. Every submitted application must have no less than two listed references, with required fields of a valid Discord username, and personal relationship answered correctly. A candidate may not use a current UES Roleplay member(s) or person(s) associated with the recruitment team as a personal reference under any circumstance. Failure to list two references properly may result in disqualification.


Q. I didn't receive a message from UES Roleplay that my application was accepted or denied, what should I do?

Candidates whose applications are accepted will typically receive a message from an official UES Roleplay Email (with following) in three to five business days. If a candidate has not received a message after five days:

  • It is likely that the application was denied. Unfortunately UES Roleplay does not contact candidates whose applications were denied, but we encourage disqualified applicants to reapply the next hiring quarter.
  • An internal or technical error may have occurred. If this is believed to be the issue by the candidate, it is encouraged that they communicate with a UES Representative to ensure the application was fairly and correctly graded.

Q. If I change my username during my progress in the hiring process, what should I do?

If a candidate changes their username after they have submitted their application, they should immediantely Email providing their previous username, and their date of birth. This is required for verification purposes. If a candidate fails to contact UES Roleplay or a representative of UES before the end of phase two of the hiring process, they will be eliminated from the hiring quarter.


Q. Why can't I log into the website?

The login bar is intended for approved UES members use only.


Q. If I submit more than one application in one hiring quarter, which one will be accepted?

If a candidate submits more than one application per hiring quarter, the remaining forms will be discarded, and the first form will be graded as usual. 


Q. Can I edit my application after I submit it?

Candidates may not alter an application after it has been submitted if it is believed they want to do so to gain an unfair advantage. Answers to questions may not be altered under any circumstance. If a candidate believes they entered important general information incorrectly that does not pertain to the questions and answers section of the form, please contact a UES Representative for assistance.


Q. Does UES allow members to participate in other emergency service based roleplay communities?

UES Policy dictates that members of UES may only represent UES Roleplay as their official roleplay organization. Persons who represent other communities while going through our hiring process are required to resign from their current community or communities if they are given a conditional offer of employment with UES Roleplay. This policy is not to discourage persons from playing with friends or others unaffiliated with UES, but to ensure persons are committed to UES’ cause as official representatives of our community. After a new hire has completed their thirty (30) day probationary period, they are permitted to participate in other roleplay groups recreationally as a guest. Members who pursue employment or membership with another emergency service based community on any platform after they have been officially hired by UES Roleplay are in violation of our Code of Conduct, and are subject to immediate termination.


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