Los Santos Police Department Uniform Patrol


About the LSPD Uniform Patrol

Uniform patrol is the largest division in the LSPD. It is comprised of uniformed patrol officers that are the first to respond to every day calls for service to the public and are held to the highest of expectations. They are the officers that uphold and represent the LSPD in its entirety. Los Santos Police officers are sworn officers with full powers of arrest provided to them by San Andreas State Statutes and have many responsibilities which include, Responding to everyday calls for service, Upholding the compliance of Los Santos Law, Enforcing Traffic Law and issuing traffic citations if applicable, Following Beat Assignments and specific tasks issued by LSPD Supervisors, Preventing and Reducing the crime rate of Los Santos and much more. Uniform patrol is an entry level position to those who have successfully passed the RLEA and signed off by Field Training Officers during their internship.

Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement is a unit designed specifically to enforce traffic laws. A traffic unit is responsible for initiating traffic stops and citing suspects when a traffic infraction has been committed, responding to motor vehicle accidents and investigating the accident, investigating drivers who seem to be impaired or intoxicated (DUI Enforcement) and perform field sobriety tests, monitoring day to day travel on residential streets and so much more. Traffic Enforcement Officers play a very important role in the everyday safety to the public of Los Santos. These Officers keep the streets safe and teach a very valuable lesson when somebody fails to follow the traffic laws in the city of Los Santos. 


The Aviation Unit is comprised of officers that handle day to day operations in the air. That includes a helicopter unit that is staged at the LSPD Helipad and ready for deployment when requested by patrol officers on the ground. The helicopter unit is called for specific reasons like locating a stolen vehicle, following a fleeing suspect, giving officers on the ground information in regards to a suspect that is wanted being found by the aerial unit, and so much more. We also have a transport aerial unit which is responsible for transporting high value targets out of the city once prosecuted in a court of law. 


The K9 Division is responsible for responding to specific calls and traffic stops when called for by a uniform patrol officer. A K9 officer has the same responsibilities as a uniform patrol officer but has special capabilities. For example, a K9 officer can respond to assist any officer on a traffic stop when that officer has reasonable suspicion that a crime is or has been committed. That officer can run his dog around the suspects vehicle to sniff out any possibility of illegally possessed items being inside the vehicle. A K9 Officer can also be called to search and seizure calls to use his trained K9 to take down fleeing suspects or sniff out a hiding suspect. The K9 Division is a specialty division that falls under uniform patrol and is directed by LSPD Supervisors. 

Special Weapons and Tactics

S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) is a specialized unit that is deployed for high risk calls such as bank robberies, hostage situations, terroristic acts, and much more. The officers apart of the Special Weapons and Tactics are highly trained police officers with years of experience that are trained to identify a threat and neutralize when possible. The S.W.A.T. Team is responsible for scene containment and command and call the shots under direct supervision of LSPD commanders when the time for a quick and precisely planned take down is called for. The best of the best make the cut for LSPD S.W.A.T. Think you have what it takes?